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One in Five Facebook Leads Instruct An Estate Agent

One in Five Facebook Leads Instruct An Estate Agent

by Steph Rady

Here at The ValPal Network, we’ve recently partnered with data specialists Twenty CI to have more visibility on what happens to a ValPal lead once it’s been generated.

Through Twenty CI’s data, we’re able to see a wealth of additional and valuable information including when a property instructs an agent, completion dates, which agent instructs the property, how long it was on the market and much, much more.

We were interested to see just how successful leads generated via Facebook are for agents, so we looked at all ValPal pages specifically created for Facebook lead generation only and found the results to be pleasantly surprising!

Roughly 1 in 5 ValPal leads generated via Facebook ads actually go on to instruct an agent.

This is a much better figure than even we anticipated, as we all know Facebook leads should generally be considered “top of funnel”. It just goes to show how important it is to value every opportunity regardless of where it has come from.

Interestingly, the data also shows that this number is steadily increasing over time. The last 3 months have indicated growth of about 1% month on month (when looking at the last 18 months), showing more and more leads generated by Facebook are instructing an agent.

More interestingly, on average, agents are only converting around 5% of their own Facebook leads, while the rest are instructing with competitors. This data is incredibly valuable as it highlights just how important it is to nurture your leads. Salespeople are often drawn to the low hanging fruit by nature, but there are rewards for those who choose to play the long game.

November 2023 (last 18 months):

17.31% of Facebook leads instructed

4.16% listed with the agent that generated the lead

95.84% listed with another agent

December 2023 (last 18 months):

18.87% of Facebook leads instructed

5.51% listed with the agent that generated the lead

94.49% listed with another agent

January 2024 (last 18 months):

19.24% of Facebook leads instructed

5.13% listed with the agent that generated the lead

94.87% listed with another agent


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