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Northern Ireland joins The ValPal Network

Northern Ireland joins The ValPal Network

by Peter Mitchell

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that, after 10 years, we’re able to expand The ValPal Network to Northern Ireland.

Since our launch in 2014 we have generated almost 9 million sales leads across 4300 estate agency branches on the UK mainland but there was never sufficient quality data available to share TVPN with our friends across the Irish Sea.

But we can now announce that agents in Northern Ireland can now join us – in fact some have already signed up!

Our ValPal tool has been available in England, Scotland and Wales for years and we’re thrilled that we have now managed to access enough quality data to invite agencies in Northen Ireland to join our network and have the opportunity to enjoy the same benefits as the rest of the UK.

Refining and innovating

From the very start we’ve been refining and innovating to ensure that ValPal offers not only a service to customers but also provides agents with as much sales intelligence as possible.

We know from our experience on the UK mainland that roughly one five valuation requests go on to sell.

Lead nurturing and marketing

This information is gold for agents. By following up on online valuation requests, they can discover exactly who is actively considering putting their home up for sale. Agents can then nurture those leads and market their services to potential clients and win more business.

Concentrate the effort on sellers

Traditionally, in Northern Ireland, agents have marketed themselves to both buyers and sellers.

But these days, homebuyers do not go on the individual agent’s website to see what’s on the market – they search on property portals.

If that’s what the buyers are doing, agents need to concentrate their efforts on sellers and winning more instructions. That’s where the ValPal tool is invaluable – offering sellers an instant valuation at the click of a button on an agent’s website in exchange for their contact details.


Get ahead of the competition

Just about every estate agent on the UK mainland offers this service but those in Northern Ireland who are quickest to join TVPN will definitely steal a march on the competition because in a couple of years’ time, everyone will offer the service simply because of the precious sales intelligence that it provides.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of joining The ValPal Network, reach out to us at team@valpal.co.uk and stay one step ahead.

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