Client Testimonials



"Since replacing our old valuation request form with the online property valuation tool, we have seen a significant increase in the number of vendor enquiries our website generates and this tool is now an invaluable weapon in our marketing armoury."

-Sarah Beeny's Tepilo


"The instant valuation tool provides users with a useful valuation range for their property based on real time data. It is a fantastic way of capturing potential vendor details from your website traffic that would otherwise be lost if you fail to keep your visitors engaged"

-Tom Harrington, Director, House Tree
kings group


"It's fantastic that the VMP Value My Property Tool sits on our site and generates leads for us to follow. Not only that, a number of people have told us they repeatedly visit our site to check the values of different properties"

-Karl Knipe, Kings Group Estate Agents


"We're A Nation Who Loves Our Property Porn And Everybody Wants To Know How Much Their House Is Worth! So having the ability to allow potential customers to instantly find out their property value is a fantastic service. It boosts our conversion rates and helps us win new business. It's an absolute no brainer which has paid for itself many times over."

-Glenn Ackroyd - Head Shepherd,


"I Wanted To Thank Angels Media. With the addition of the value my property lead tool, we are able to engage with clients by giving them something they want whilst capturing their personal data, so we can build relationships and organise to meet with them and discuss their selling or letting requirements. We have doubled our valuations in just over two months."

-Philip Mitchell, Director at Chimneypots Estate Agents


"Although we regard ourselves as reasonably savvy in our approach to marketing generally, we've found that the Valpal is an excellent tool to engage Landlords that visit our website. It has inspired us to try new approaches and fresh ideas using the tool which have produced excellent results. "

-Brian Callaghan, Director at Letting Solutions.

Kam Johal

Following our renewal of the Value My Property tool I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your help in Ips Estate Agents Leicester becoming the No. 1 selling agent in Leicestershire over the last 12 months. The VMP tool has contributed to this achievement by providing Ips Estate Agents with a steady stream of leads which we hope will not only continue but increase when the next version is launched. I would also like to thank you personally for all the time and assistance that you have given in planning and implementation of the facility.

-Kam Johal, Ceo & Founder Ips Estate Agents


Sarah Beeny has regularly endorsed ValPal, for example with tweets like this to her followers: "My @tepilo free property valuation tool is fab for getting an idea of how much your home is worth"

-Sarah Beeny's Tepilo


Before we started using ValPal we were very sceptical about online valuations and nearly didn't go ahead. Now however we are totally converted and are more than happy to pay the reasonable subscription for the service which is producing a regular stream of enquiries, valuations, instructions and sales, the set up process was also clean, simple and fast.

--Simon Shinerock, Chairman at Choices


I got 3 leads from KT12 this weekend and converted 1 to a val this morning. superb!!

-Andy Davies, James Neave the estate agents


We are always working hard to drive traffic to our website with relentless marketing, but converting that traffic into leads has always been a challenge. Once we started using ValPal the online valuation tool this changed immediately. We are staggered at how a simple change can make such a huge difference and only wish we had known about ValPal much sooner.

-Martin Gibbon FNAEA. Director Balgores Property Group

Steven A.Herd

Received a lead. Converted to a Physical (instruction). Sold it. Less than 24 hours, and before the owner had even received call backs from other agents she approached. ValPal works :)

-Steven A.Herd Dip RLM FARLA FNAEA. Founder & CEO of MyLondonHome Premier

Chris Holroyd

We have had 6 in our first week and 4 vals booked in off the back of it.Hope it continues!

-Chris Holroyd, Director - Holroyds
Julia Whyte

Julia Whyte

I wanted to say that I was impressed with the speed you guys sorted out the landing pages.

Julia Whyte - Brinkleys
The Property Jungle

Mike Smithson

As the UK’s leading developer of websites for estate agents we are always looking to deploy tools that give our clients an opportunity to increase their market share. We spend a lot of time and effort developing them but once in a while we come across something that has already been built which is so obviously advantageous to use that we investigate, integrate and endorse. ValPal is just such a tool. We have now found multiple examples of clients that have successfully increased their volume of vendor leads by up to tenfold. In fact we know of one client who developed a social media launch campaign for ValPal on their site and had in excess of 80 enquiries for valuation visits in one day. From an implementation perspective it really requires very little technical effort on our part and can be made live within a few short hours. The Property Jungle is very happy to recommend ValPal as one of the premium lead generation tools for estate agents’ web sites on the market today.

Mike Smithson - The Property Jungle

Jane Gardner

I have been delighted to introduce ValPal into the websites I build for my estate agency clients. It is a simple process, gives the home owner an instant price based on land registry data along with detailed information on the property location, plus the agent gets an immediate email notification of the client using the service, so they can get in touch and offer a free valuation appointment. From our website analytics we can see the popularity of this service to site visitors, and every agency client has seen an increase in their booked valuation appointments directly due to the notifications received. ValPal is a cost effective solution to growing your agencies business, incredibly simple to install on your website and easy for the customer to use. Win, Win, Win.”

Jane Gardner, Industry Consultant

John Stanton

ValPal is an amazing product which has proven to be a fantastic asset – This tool will prove to be a real asset for producing more leads from our website than ever before. We've also been delighted with the efforts of the ValPal team throughout who have been incredibly helpful – from getting the tool live on our site through to the support and guidance provided which has helped us to get the best out of the product.”

John Stanton - Locate Property Information
Iain White

Iain White

I trust the ValPal tool to deliver leads to my agents. I have seen it have a dramatic effect on lead generation for many of the business I am working with. It's been around for many years so it's a tried and tested win. Frankly, why would you be without it? It's like going to a football match with only one boot.

Iain White
Iain White

Simon Bradbury

We have experienced a significant increase Val Pal leads during the last 7 days. The quality of these leads has increased significantly too – leading to 3 valuation appointments in the last two days alone.

Simon Bradbury, Director - Thomas Morris
Country Wide

Sam Tyrer

ValPal is another example of simple tech that does a great job of converting web traffic into vendor and landlord leads

Sam Tyrer - MD Countrywide
Iain White

Simon Bradbury

Since February 25th we have been distributing a postcard in our patch. Since that time we have generated 429 leads and 40 valuation appointments – we’ve already listed 2 as a result but more will follow in the weeks ahead I’m sure. I could literally plot the delivery route of the postcards as my in box PINGED with ValPal leads!

Simon Bradbury, Director - Thomas Morris

Claire Empson

We had 4 enquiries in our first 1.5 weeks, all converted to face to face meetings.

Claire Empson, MD - Daisy Lets and Sales
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