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Additional Features

Bonus Leads

This smart little feature will record the property details of anyone that fills in their property address on your ValPal tool, but doesn’t go on to give their full contact details. The property address then gets sent straight to you.

This means more leads to follow up with and more addresses for you to market to via direct mail, leaflet/newsletter campaigns or good old-fashioned door knocking!

8.9% of all bonus leads complete on the land registry!

Lead Sharing
Before you go

‘Before-You-Go’ Sliders

While driving traffic to your ValPal tool is a great way of converting leads, some consumers are going to bounce off of the page before they fill out the tool. To combat this, we’ve designed a slider which appears when a consumer attempts to close the tab or come away from the page, prompting them to fill in their details before they leave.

The Out of Area Lead Sharing Programme

From time to time, agents generate leads from postcodes outside of their operating area that they just cannot service. The out of area lead programme uses the power of the network to give you an unfair advantage in your area. If you opt in, you are opting in to receive free additional leads from over 4,000 other branches across the country.

Lead Sharing
Lead Sharing

The out of area lead programme automatically identifies a lead that has been generated outside an agent’s defined postcode territory and reallocates it to another ValPal Network member agent working in the correct location - this means more leads for you that you otherwise wouldn’t have received.

In other words, this means more leads for all members of The Valpal Network, leaving no lead left uncontacted.

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