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8.7m leads later, The ValPal Network celebrates 10 years in business

8.7m leads later, The ValPal Network celebrates 10 years in business

by Peter Mitchell

Happy birthday to us….and all members of the The ValPal Network!

We are celebrating a decade in business and in those 10 years we have helped agents generate a staggering 8.7million sales leads.

TVPN was launched in 2014 as the original online valuation tool – a groundbreaking development for estate agency. And the lead-generation revolution continues with the introduction of new features that keep us at the cutting edge of PropTech innovation.

In the last 10 years the average house price in the UK has risen from just under £190,000 to just over £285,000 – an increase of around 50%.

In the very early days, people had to be persuaded that technology had a worthwhile place in estate agency – some of them thought it was just a gimmick.

Innovating and refining

But they soon discovered that, as well as providing a service for potential clients visiting their website, the ValPal tool was generating precious leads every time it was used.

Today the branch office network has flourished and now stands at 4330 because since we started, we’ve been determined to keep on innovating and refining to make absolutely sure that ValPal grows in its effectiveness as a lead generator and provides agents with as much vital sales intelligence as possible.

Our latest new feature enables agents to discover whether their leads are already on the market with another firm and it’s been created through our partnership with data provider TwentyCi.

Success rates

TVPN director, Craig Vile, says: “Since partnering with them, our eyes have been opened to some fascinating insights including how many leads come to market, how long leads take to instruct an agent and the success rates of marketing campaigns.

“The data shows us that a percentage of ValPal leads are already on the market when they first fill in the ValPal tool. The reasons vary for example the seller may decide to get an instant online valuation with another agent after their listing agent advises them to reduce the asking price, or perhaps a lack of viewings.

“Obviously your call to the lead will need to be very different if they are already on the market with another agent, but there's no way you can know this information before you speak to them, until now.”

The ValPal tool now has an optional add-on to ask the prospect if their property is already on the market. This information is then fed to the agent in the lead details so that agents can tailor their calls accordingly.


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