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2019 – it’s your year to increase market share

2019 – it’s your year to increase market share

For all estate agents gaining market share from competitors will always be a top priority. And at a time when the property market is slightly subdued, it's those agents that are proactive, take risks and prioritise marketing who will reap the rewards and improve their market share.

One way you can do this with minimum effort and maximum output is by generating more leads through an instant online valuation tool like ValPal.

The market share boost that instant online valuation leads provide to agents is clear for all to see...

Across a two-year period, agent members of The ValPal Network generated 551,000 instant online sales valuation leads. Some 97,000 - equivalent to 18% - of these leads went on to complete at HM Land Registry.

As you can see, these are opportunities and leads you just don't want to miss out on.

The potential sellers are out there, but if you don't give them a reason to contact you, their sale could soon be completing with the Land Registry after being sold by one of your local competitors.

How does ValPal work?

Instant online valuation tools are very simple but effective. In exchange for an estimated valuation of their property, visitors to your website provide their contact details for you to follow up on.

You then have a lead which you can contact and offer a full market appraisal. When making this contact, it’s absolutely vital to reach out quickly and discuss the prospect’s selling requirements, rather than the instant online valuation which is just an estimation.

Having the ValPal tool on your website in a prominent position means it is likely to steadily generate leads for your agency. However, there are a range of other things you can do maximise its output and generate more sales leads than ever before.

Generate more leads and boost your market share further

By tweaking your marketing campaigns to promote your ValPal tool, you can generate significantly more leads and boost all-important market share.

Here are just four of the things you can do:

  • Database mining

You have the contacts at your disposal, but when was the last time you contacted them? You never know when someone who was once a purchaser is now looking to sell.

  • Social media marketing

Every agent is on social media these days so you need to go above and beyond to have an impact. Be engaging, active and of course drive traffic to your instant online valuation tool.

  • Leaflet drops

An oldie but still a goodie. Leaflet drops can be powerful, providing you give people an incentive to visit your website and get in touch with you. Ask them if they want to know how much their property is worth in 60 seconds. The results will surprise you.

  • PPC marketing

Prospects will be scouring the internet for estate agents in your local area – so why not entice them to check you out with a pay-per-click advert? Being next to your competitors on Google is just like being next to them on the high street – it gives you the opportunity to show why consumers should choose your agency.


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