Reasons to buy valpal


Seamless Integration

Incorporating the ValPal Tool onto your website via either an iFrame or an API is extremely straight-forward and can be executed with minimal fuss and disruption. As well as managing the process so you don't have to, we are also able to work with all web developers and software houses to ensure a seamless and effective integration.


Quick response to hot leads

As soon as a prospective client uses your ValPal Tool, the lead is sent to your inbox. You will be sent their contact details as well as the property details they have entered and the valuation they received. This provides you with all you need to speak to a 'hot lead' quickly and efficiently, giving you the best possible chance to take on a new instruction.


Converts Traffic

The ValPal tool sits on your website, providing visitors with an instant online sales or rental valuation in exchange for their full contact details. Landlords and vendors find the idea of gaining an instant valuation irresistible and a clearly defined call to action like ValPal will give you every chance of speaking to these potential clients, while minimising the chances of losing business to competitors.


Trusted by thousands

The ValPal tool is trusted as a key marketing tool by hundreds of estate and letting agents up and down the country, from one branch independents to nationwide online agents. Agents are always on the lookout for more stock and ValPal provides them with the opportunity to speak to more vendors and landlords than ever before.


Indicator of traffic

Web traffic stats are all well and good, but they don't give you an accurate picture of who is actually visiting your site. Thanks to the irresistible nature of the instant online valuation it offers, the ValPal tool attracts prospective vendors and landlords so you know that if you're generating leads with the tool on your site, the right people are visiting.


More effective marketing

If you've spent time, money and effort on increasing your website traffic, then ValPal is the perfect web tool for you. There is no point spending thousands of pounds generating more traffic if it can't be converted into leads and ultimately new business. With ValPal, the more traffic that reaches your site, the more vendor and landlord leads you will generate.

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