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How are other agents marketing the ValPal tool?

How are other agents marketing the ValPal tool?

Once the ValPal tool is integrated into your website, you'll be converting a higher proportion of your traffic in no time.

But are there ways you can promote your offer of free online valuations in order to speak to an even higher number of prospects?

Of course there are. Some of ValPal's most successful partner agents have made just a few simple tweaks to their marketing and this has had a significant effect on the number of leads generated.

For example, producing leaflets which invite people to request an instant online valuation are a great way of attracting prospects to your website who may never have visited it before.

What's more, you could incorporate ValPal into your digital marketing, or tweak your email signatures to prompt recipients to request an online valuation.

The possibilities are endless and by incorporating ValPal into digital and print marketing campaigns, many of our agents have increased the number of vendor and landlord leads generated through instant online valuations.