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Is your marketing working?

Is your marketing working?

Research from the Property Academy states that 46% of estate agents’ website traffic is made up from first-time visitors. So yes, your marketing is working well; you are just not converting this traffic into leads.

Would you like to convert more of that traffic and speak to more vendors and landlords?

Every month you spend money on your marketing, targeting vendors and landlords to think of your brand. We know that a large proportion of agents’ website traffic is made up by first-time visitors. This is testament to the continuous marketing efforts you undertake and is proof that what you are doing is getting the attention of prospective clients.

It is a shame therefore that, on average, only 0.25% of potential clients visiting an agent’s website leave having given their contact details. 

That’s 99.75% of potential clients that visit your website who leave without you having the opportunity to speak to them. What an enormous missed opportunity this is. However, by being more efficient and engaging with these prospects, you can start tapping into this goldmine.

Offer your website visitors a ValPal instant online valuation and start speaking to more prospective vendors and landlords.