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The New Platinum Package

The New Platinum Package

Our new Platinum Package - the most cost-effective way to generate more leads

Here at The ValPal Network, we're always working hard to improve the services we provide to our members. We understand that all agencies have different requirements when it comes to marketing and that's why we have a range of packages for you to choose from.

We recently launched our latest package to coincide with the launch of our exciting new lead qualifier and revenue builder, PortalPal.

Our Platinum Package: The Ultimate Solution includes PortalPal, ChatPal - an automated website chatbot for your website - and all of these core services:

  • ValPal tool – the industry leading instant online valuation tool, enabling you to speak to more vendors and landlords instantly
  • DesignPal – access to our marketing materials to drive additional traffic to your ValPal tool
  • Out of Area lead programme - more leads, generated by non-competing agents, are shared within the network for no extra cost
  • The online MA booking calendar – integrated on the ValPal results page for the consumer to book a direct face-to-face valuation with you
  • Marketing advice and unlimited support - tips and advice gained from our top-performing agents passed on to you by your account manager
  • Weekly training webinars – free weekly webinars for you and your team to keep you up to date on how to maximise your membership of The ValPal Network

The brand-new package also includes a carefully designed email nurture programme, NurturePal, consisting of eight separate emails that last for a 42-day period. This kind of marketing helps you to keep your database active, warm up leads and introduce additional revenue generating opportunities to past, existing and prospective clients.

You can choose to have everything in this package from just £175+VAT per month, with a one-off setup and licence fee of £295+VAT across a 12-month agreement.

This provides you with a huge saving compared to if you purchased these services separately. We have carefully designed this package to include a range of marketing elements which complement each other perfectly to give you the opportunity to generate significantly more vendor and landlord leads in the most cost-effective way.

What are the benefits of PortalPal?

Much like MovePal, PortalPal - launched this month - aims to save you time and provide you with opportunities to generate more income, something which will be on many agents' minds following the introduction of the Tenant Fees Act on June 1.

PortalPal is a lead qualifier and revenue builder combined into one solution. When you generate a buyer or tenant lead from the portals, PortalPal contacts the consumer via email, asking them to fill in a quick survey. The results of the survey are then automatically sent back to you. You still receive the portal lead in the first instance – just as you do now – so there are no delays at your end.

This survey acts as a qualifier, providing you with key information about the consumer and what they're looking for. We'll ask buyers if they are interested in hearing about mortgages and whether they are also selling a property, while tenants will be asked if they're interested in utilities services and for their landlord's details. All leads will be asked about their availability for viewings.

As well as speeding up the moving process, PortalPal helps you to prioritise calls and turn one lead into multiple leads by referring revenue generating services.

Find out more about PortalPal here.

How does ChatPal work?

ChatPal is an automated chatbot which sits on your website and specifically targets vendors and landlords. By asking visitors if they are thinking of selling or letting a property, ChatPal deters tenants from using the facility and works to provide you with genuine enquiries. However, the chatbot will still engage with buyers, as we know over a third of buyers are also looking to sell.

This targeted approach will improve your chances of increasing the conversion rate of enquiries and generating high quality leads. The script behind ChatPal is written solely to capture contact details, providing you with a 24/7 service to ensure you never miss an opportunity to generate leads.

What are our other packages?

Gold Package: The Revenue Generator consists of ChatPal, PortalPal and of the core ValPal services - including the ValPal tool, DesignPal, the Out of Area lead programme, the online MA booking calendar, marketing advice, unlimited support and weekly training webinars.

All of this can be yours from just £135+VAT per month, with a one-off setup and licence fee of £295+VAT across a 12-month agreement.

Silver Package: The Traffic Converter consists of ChatPal as well as all of the core ValPal services.

Priced from just £125+VAT per month, with a one-off setup and licence fee of £295+VAT across a 12-month agreement.

Bronze Package: The Original consists of all of the core services from just £99 per month, with a one-off setup and licence fee of £295+VAT across a 12-month agreement.

For further information on any of our services or packages, please don't hesitate to get in touch