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Vendor and landlord lead generation for agents

Introducing PortalPal: The Lead Qualifier and Revenue Builder

by Craig Vile, Director of The ValPal Network

The sister “Pal” of MovePal – PortalPal takes an agent’s buyer and tenant email leads from portals and qualifies them before the agent picks up the phone, saving time and money.

The portal lead is pinged across to the agent, while at the same time, the consumer is emailed and asked to fill in a quick questionnaire to speed up the process. Not only does this give the agent a better idea of the consumer’s property search, it qualifies the lead and asks questions sometimes forgotten, particularly by junior negotiators, when trying to book a viewing for example:

  • Asking if a buyer is interested in hearing about mortgages
  • Asking if a buyer is also selling
  • Asking a tenant for their landlord’s details
  • Asking a tenant if they’re interested in utilities services
  • Asking their availability for viewings

The lead is then fired back to the agent once the questionnaire has been completed, allowing the agent to prioritise calls, as well as turning one lead into multiple leads.

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