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Introducing MovePal - The Automated Revenue and Nurture System

17th May 2018

MovePal – Agent: The Automated Revenue and Nurture System – Consumer: The One-Stop Home Moving Hub

Members of The ValPal Network reap rewards from a host of benefits, but now, for the first time ever MovePal aims to make being a member of The ValPal Network cost-positive. That’s right, the first cost-positive AVM (Automated Valuation Model).

A high percentage of our members don’t have a sufficient email nurture campaign in place for incoming leads, while some have even admitted not calling leads at all! As this seems to be a common problem among agents who don’t have the time or money to effectively nurture leads, we invented MovePal to automate the process and add to their bottom line at the same time.

When a consumer fills in the capture form on the ValPal tool, they will be prompted to consent to hearing more information about various moving services they will require throughout the sale e.g. mortgages, conveyancing, surveys, removals, and utilities.

If they respond “Yes” to any services, they will be sent onto various nurture drip campaigns designed to convert them into positive leads. The consumer’s details will be pinged across to the relevant partnered company to follow up with, as well as the agent.

If the consumer doesn’t agree to hear from any providers, never fear. They will still be entered into a drip campaign, prompting them to log in to the agent-branded “MovePal – The One Stop Home Movers Hub”, where they can get an updated value for their property, use a cost of moving calculator, instruct the agent, and of course, have access to a whole host of special offers from moving services.

MovePal will ensure that your brand is regularly engaging with the consumer, so that even if they never list a property with you, you still have the chance to earn revenue from them.

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