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The ValPal Booster Pack

29th January 2018


Sit back and let our super savvy design team supercharge your ValPal tool by creating slick, bespoke graphics that will engage prospective vendors and landlords. With the ValPal booster pack, you’ll be ready to convert even more traffic into leads from a range of sources using your online valuation tool, by ensuring that your entire marketing strategy is working in synergy.

The booster pack saves you time, money and energy, with the end result ultimately being that you’ll receive more leads through the ValPal tool. Here’s a complete overview of what’s in the booster pack and how each component will help boost your incoming leads:


  • HTML Email Design Targeted to Landlords

Your database of landlords is a goldmine of untapped potential leads. Whether they’re looking to get new tenants in as soon as possible or want to check whether they’re currently getting the correct amount of rent, every landlord wants to know what monthly income they should be generating. Interacting with your landlords could also flag up those who may be considering selling, so you’ll be first in line when they start their journey.

  • HTML Email Design Targeted to Vendors

Homeowners are obsessed with house prices. A home is commonly the most expensive thing that most people will buy in their life, so it pays to keep an eye on its value. You know that people in your vendor database own a local property, so dangling the carrot of a free online valuation in front of them is likely to warm up cold leads and rekindle your relationship with them. 

  • Leaflet Design for Canvassing Your Local Area

Canvassing is a classic part of an estate agent’s marketing armoury. Unfortunately, the public has become so accustomed to leaflets that unless they have a USP, run the risk of becoming uninspiring junk mail. Most leaflets ask too much of a consumer without offering any incentive – for example, if you send a leaflet asking someone to call you to book a free valuation, they’re not likely to pick up the phone unless they are ready to sell and instruct an agent, meaning you are missing out on anyone who is considering selling their property in a month or later during the year, and are therefore reliant on them hanging onto your leaflet until the time comes that they are ready to sell. By offering a free online valuation that can be carried out from the comfort of their home, you are able to entice a larger proportion of the market, while driving that all-important traffic to your website so you can capture prospects’ data and nurture them until they are ready to instruct you as their agent.

  • Email Signature Design

If you have the right call to action, every email you send is an opportunity to capture the data of a prospective client. You’re in constant contact with local homeowners, landlords and vendors and you should be using this communication to drive traffic to your online valuation tool, warm up old contacts and generate new business.

  • Portal Banner Designs

Thousands of consumers visit Rightmove and Zoopla looking to buy, sell and rent properties every day. Tapping into this audience is potentially a goldmine for new business if your adverts stand out from the sea of competition. By offering a free, instant online valuation, you are offering current vendors who are keeping an eagle-eye on their local market a chance to have their property valued from the comfort of their own home – the perfect chance for you to step in if they are not satisfied with their current agent. Not to mention, roughly a third of buyers are also looking to sell, so getting your brand in front of them at the earliest part of their property journey is the best way to ensure you are the agent of choice.

  • Social Media Designs

Slick social media graphics get clicks, likes and comments across all platforms. 40 million people use social media in the UK, so businesses can simply no longer afford to be lapse in this area. Followers that are casually scrolling and clicking make great potential leads. Post, post, post!

  • Window Display Design

How often do you see the footfall outside your office glance at your window display in a rush? It happens all the time. Busy passers-by might not have the time to come in and organise a property valuation, but the next best thing is ensuring that they know you offer a free online service. A window display promoting ValPal will stop you from missing these potential leads.

There’s plenty that you can do with these graphics and they will form the core of your marketing strategy. 

Contact us on 020 8663 4930 or email team@valpal.co.uk to get the ball rolling and make sure that you get the most out of your ValPal tool today!

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