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How can content marketing boost my business?

How can content marketing boost my business?

15th December 2017

The amount of marketing clutter that consumers come across online is making it increasingly difficult for agents to stand out from competitors. This abundance of content means that people are getting savvier and can now spot lazy and generic spiel a mile off.

Instead, businesses are reaping the rewards of providing valuable, relevant and consistent content that offers genuine insights to their audience.  For this reason, content marketing can be a fantastic way to generate more exposure for your business.

Posting regular blog content on your website will increase your brand awareness and add creditability to your company name. Providing potential clients with free and helpful information gets them familiar with your brand in a non-sales context.

Producing your own content in this manner also does a fantastic job of driving traffic to your website, but more than that, it improves your reputability among local people who are likely to find your information genuinely useful. Vitally, it also benefits your online presence and will improve your website’s SEO ranking, which will make you far more findable on search engines.

Blogs can cover a wide range of topics so there’s endless scope to get creative. From local news and events to insightful local property views, a blog is your space to engage with people in the way you choose. It can be serious, fun or a mix of both!

Once you have established your blog, it’s vitally important to effectively distribute it to your target market. Posting your blog across your social media pages can help you to reach the local community and target an interested and relevant audience. Remember though, social media is momentary; you should regularly post the same blog content to your accounts in order to reach people who are online at different times of the day.

Another way to distribute your blog, and multiple methods should be employed, is to use it as part of a newsletter email campaign. Nurturing the email addresses you already have can be a great way to warm up leads that have previously used your services but have now gone cold. These people have previously expressed an interest in your service, so offering your advice is a great way to remind them of your company and its value. High-quality content will also help to grow your newsletter database and give you a wider audience.

Writing a high-quality blog is an effective way to boost your business’s marketing plan, there’s plenty of reasons to start a blog, from SEO improvements to warming up cold leads - get writing!


For more information on how The ValPal Network can help with your content marketing strategy, email steph.rady@angelsmedia.co.uk