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WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and LiveChat in a single platform – what can agents expect from the new ChatPal upgrade?

WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and LiveChat in a single platform – what can agents expect from the new ChatPal upgrade?

Here at The ValPal Network (TVPN), we endeavour to simplify all processes for agents, including one of the major components to nurturing a successful lead – communication.

It is important that your agency allows potential clients to contact you easily and via their method of choice. Some may prefer LiveChat or Messenger if they have discovered you on Facebook, but others might opt for other communication channels entirely.

In fact, some 56% of consumers said they would work with a company that made it easy to reach out to via WhatsApp.

Problems arise, though, if you have too many different platforms to manage. Meanwhile, if your team are using their personal WhatsApp, you have the issue of losing control of what is being said between your team and your client/prospect as you won’t be able to see see it.

Moreover, you have lost control of your database – as, if a team member decides to move on to one of your competitors, they take all the information on their device with them.

To avoid this being an issue and allowing for the power of WhatsApp to be used to its fullest, having a single platform which allows communication from multiple channels is clearly the way forward. This platform needs to be secure and transparent, enabling business owners and management to review the conversations easily, securely and on any device.

That’s where ChatPal Premium, developed by the team here at TVPN, comes into play, offering a solution that includes WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and LiveChat within a single platform. What’s more, this is fully branded to your agency with a fully customisable platform to assist you in engaging with your current and future customers. The good news is that all chats are stored and can be accessible either via the desktop dashboard or our app for your smart device.

With the addition of ChatPal Premium, we are looking to transforming the user journey once again.

ChatPal Premium – what do you get?

Options for the upgraded tool include:

  • Manned by your team 24/7
  • An automated bot 24/7
  • A mix between the two – manned by your team during set hours, then switching to the bot when your team are busy/out of office.

You can tailor your own user journey in the chat window when the bot is active, which will allow you to provide the same user experience and service to your next potential customers as if it was one of the team.

Additionally, the ‘enquire via Whatsapp’ button will appear on each page of your website and on the full description of your property listings. When clicked, WhatsApp will pull the property details into the chat to ensure that both you and the client know which property they are interested in.

But that’s not all. WhatsApp Broadcasts is an added bonus, enabling you to send a pre-approved message to up to 1,000 recipients at once with a 96% open rate.

To find out more about the prices for ChatPal Premium, contact us today.

Communication is key

Good communication is vitally important when it comes to growing a business or improving your margins, and increasingly companies all over the world are turning to all-in-one platforms for better transparency, security, collaboration and crossover.

What’s more, with an increase in remote working, the ability to communicate within a single platform - with chats tracked and easily accessible – will no doubt be highly useful.

It also negates or gets rid of entirely some of the challenges mentioned above of conversations happening on too many different platforms at once, and the data loss issues that occur if someone decides to go elsewhere.

Fortunately, when it comes to ChatPal premium, the setup process is very straightforward. Of course, our support team will take care of the work to get it up and running, and then added to your website as soon as possible.

The history of ChatPal

ChatPal, which we launched a few years ago as part of our suite of products for agents, is an automated bot that targets sellers and landlords by using predesigned scripts to cover any given scenario. This converts vendor and landlord traffic into leads for the agent to follow up with.

Developed by the team at TVPN, ChatPal specifically attracts vendors and landlords by asking the question: “are you thinking of selling or letting your property?”

This carefully-worded query helps to dissuade tenants from using the facility. However, ChatPal will still engage with buyers, as around a third of purchasers are also sellers.

With this tailored approach, ChatPal can improve your chances of increasing the conversion rate of enquiries and generating more leads. The script is designed to solely capture contact details – providing your team with more potential leads to follow up with.

Since launch, ChatPal has revolutionised the way in which people communicate with businesses, making it a great add-on for agents. ChatPal Premium takes this to the next level.

For more information on ChatPal Premium or The ValPal Network itself, please get in touch with us here. Alternatively, you can call us directly 020 8663 4930 or email us at team@valpal.co.uk.

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