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Top Tips to Generate More Leads on Facebook

Top Tips to Generate More Leads on Facebook

by Steph Rady

If you saw our recent article, you’ll know that one in five (19.24%) ValPal leads generated via Facebook ads actually went on to instruct an agent. This means there is gold to be mined on Facebook if you have the right processes in place to properly manage it.

We know that marketing is partly a numbers game, so how can you guarantee more opportunities for your team to follow up with? In this article, we speak to Head of Marketing Steph Rady to find out how estate agents can generate even more leads on Facebook.

‘Stay away from the Boost button’

As tempting as it may be to hit the boost button on Facebook and set up an advert this way, if lead generation is your goal, Steph says steer clear!

The boost button was added by Facebook for a quicker and easier way for businesses to run adverts without being overly complicated. This sounds ideal right? However, the boost button is solely designed to “boost” an existing post, meaning the goal of the advert is to generate likes and comments, not leads. Ultimately, it’s just an easier way for Facebook to make more money.

Any agents that wish to maximise lead generation should steer clear of the boost button and instead use Meta Ads Manager and choose the lead generation or conversion campaign objective, usually located under “Sales”. This will clearly define the goal of your campaign to Facebook to ensure your ads are fed out to the right people.


Use a landing page that converts

You could have the best Facebook ad in the world, but if your landing page is cluttered, unclear, irrelevant, or doesn’t have a clear and simple form in the top fold of the page, you may be wasting your money.

This is why ValPal works so well with Facebook ads – the form has been tried and tested to maximise conversions. It even registers a

 property address as a “bonus lead” if the user bounces before they fill in their contact details.

If you’re using your own landing page, make sure you’re offering something of value in exchange for the person’s contact details, make sure the page isn’t overly cluttered or complicated, and make sure you have a clear data capture form in the top fold of the page where the eye is drawn. Simplicity is key, don’t offer too many distractions.

If you are unable to create your own landing page, never fear! Facebook has an option to allow you to run lead generation adverts with a form on Facebook. These ads are great as they convert really well as the traffic stays on Facebook and the user doesn’t need to manually fill in their contact details, this is automatically pulled from their Facebook profile, so you should get more accurate contact information.


Don’t overcomplicate your adverts

There are three rules of thumb when creating graphics and captions for Facebook ads –

  1. Lead with value – offer something of value to your target audience in exchange for their contact details.
  2. Keep branding minimal – now is not the time to go overboard with branding or talk about how great you are, allow this to come later once you have the person’s contact details. The ads should just tickle their interest.
  3. Keep your objective clear – if your objective is to generate contact details for an online valuation, be upfront about this. You want to get your ads in front of people who are willing to complete your campaign objective, so shying away from this in your advert will effectively mean more money wasted and a higher bounce rate. If your advert doesn’t have a clear call to action for the consumer, you cannot expect results.


Standing out from the crowd

As many of you will know, Facebook brought in the special ad category for housing which means it’s now impossible to advertise anything property related without adding a 10-mile radius and having some level of open targeting.

The silver lining of the special ad category is it means there is complete transparency when it comes to property adverts.

This handy tool by Meta known as Ads Library allows anyone to search for property related adverts running in any area in the UK. You can use keywords and filters to search for ads specifically about landlords, valuations etc. to see what other agents are running in your area.

This is a great tool for generating advert ideas, ensuring your ads stand out against your competition and seeing how many advertisers are currently competing with you in the same space.

You can check out Ads Library here.


If you would like to speak to our knowledgeable marketing team about maximizing your lead generation results, please feel free to get in touch with Steph on 0208 663 4940 or email steph.rady@angelsmedia.co.uk

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