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Top 10 Things To Get Ahead Of Your Competition In 2024 Part 2

Top 10 Things To Get Ahead Of Your Competition In 2024 Part 2

by Steph Rady

Welcome to Part 2 of our series! In this blog, we continue exploring the insights shared in our recent webinar featuring industry experts Paul Long, Craig Vile, Anthony Jones, and Steph Rady. In our previous instalment, we focused on lead generation and automated lead nurturing. Now, let's delve into email marketing, speed to lead, effective phone communication, staff training, brand awareness, and the influential power of case studies.


Lead Nurturing/Follow Up

5. Email Marketing and Newsletters

Harness the power of email marketing and newsletters as a cost-effective way to stay connected with your audience. Provide valuable content, such as guides or checklists, demonstrating your expertise. For newsletters, showcase community involvement to position yourself as a local expert. Let your work speak for itself, subtly showcasing why your agency stands out.


6. Speed to Lead

Emphasizing the critical importance of speed when contacting leads, statistics reveal a 21x higher conversion rate if you call within the first 5 minutes. Particularly crucial for Facebook leads and online valuation leads, quick follow-ups capitalize on the immediacy of the lead's interest. Automated follow-ups ensure consistent communication even during busy periods or outside regular hours.


7. What to Say on the Phone

Maximize valuation bookings from online leads by asking key questions on the phone. Lead with open-ended inquiries, gather comprehensive information, and exhibit persistence. For additional free sales training assets, check here. These insights, curated by Liza Daniels with over 25 years of estate agency experience, provide valuable strategies for winning valuation appointments.


Business Growth

8. Staff and Training

As your business expands, maintaining a hands-on approach becomes challenging. Ensure your team understands priorities, makes necessary calls, and receives adequate training and support to meet expectations. Investing in your team's development ensures they align with your vision and deliver the service quality you expect.


9. Brand Awareness

In today's digital age, consumers research online before engaging with local agents. Leverage platforms like Facebook to retarget potential clients who are in the research phase. Use this opportunity to reshape perceptions of your brand and position yourself as the go-to agent. With vast consumer data, platforms like Facebook offer valuable tools for retargeting.


10. The Power of Case Studies

Move beyond traditional testimonials and embrace storytelling marketing through case studies. Transform client comments into compelling stories that highlight successful outcomes. Showcase key facts, such as turning around unsuccessful property listings or achieving quick sales/lettings, to demonstrate competence and approachability. Promote these case studies across social media, email marketing, and retargeting ads for maximum impact.


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