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Top 10 Things To Get Ahead Of Your Competition In 2024 Part 1

Top 10 Things To Get Ahead Of Your Competition In 2024 Part 1

by Steph Rady

Last month's webinar, featuring industry experts Paul Long, Craig Vile, Anthony Jones, and Steph Rady, provided essential insights for estate agents aiming to outshine their competition in 2024. In this condensed article, we highlight the core elements discussed during the 40-minute session, covering Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Business Growth strategies.


Lead Generation

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook remains the go-to platform for targeting property owners and decision-makers, with over 24 million users aged 35-64. Despite the growth of other platforms, Facebook's extensive consumer data and wide reach make it indispensable for advertisers. However, a diversified approach with multiple lead sources is advised for a robust marketing strategy.


2. Google Ads

Strategic use of Google Ads, often dismissed due to cost concerns, can yield significant results. Careful budget allocation and data-driven decisions are vital for success. By honing in on targeting and optimizing keywords, agents can enhance the efficiency of their campaigns. Google leads generally exhibit higher intent, given that users actively search for services.


3. Direct Mail

Contrary to doubts, direct mail can be a valuable tool when employed strategically. By leveraging data to target specific addresses related to ValPal leads, agents can enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns. Bonus leads, seemingly cold leads with just an address, boast an 8.9% conversion rate, making targeted direct mail campaigns, priced at 64p per letter, a cost-effective option.


Lead Nurturing / Follow Up

4. Automated Email/SMS Nurturing

Adopting technology is imperative for staying competitive. MovePal, introduced in 2020, addresses the challenge of engaging leads until they're ready to sell or let. Nurturing leads is proven to be crucial, with statistics revealing that 34.95% of all ValPal leads instruct and 18.5% go on to sell. Even seemingly cold leads possess significant value, underscoring the importance of effective lead nurturing.


In the upcoming Part 2, we will delve into the value of email marketing and newsletters, speed to lead, phone conversation strategies for maximizing conversions, staff training, brand awareness, and the impact of case studies.


For additional information or assistance, contact team@valpal.co.uk or call 0208 663 4930.


Watch the full webinar on YouTube here.

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