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Should Estate Agents Be On TikTok?

Should Estate Agents Be On TikTok?

With over a billion users since its launch in 2016, TikTok has fast become one of the most used social media platforms globally. But, is there a place for estate agents amongst the streams of cat videos, dances and tutorials?


With an estimated 41% of users falling between 16 and 24 it may seem like throwing valuable time and effort at the wrong demographic marketing through tiktok as an estate agent. There is even a song called ‘Too old for TikTok,’ potentially explaining the severe drop in percentage users from the 18-24 category (26%) and the 25-34 category (a mere 9.3% in comparison).


But by avoiding TikTok are you giving up a big marketing opportunity? With a staggering 2.7 million followers, since breaking into the TikTok market in December of 2019, US based real estate group Heider Real Estate has grown from strength to strength. Specialising in luxury property in the DC area, not only has TikTok brought them a huge following, but it has also increased their reach astronomically and ultimately generated a whole new pool of leads. What does it take? Tweaking those skills we’ve all gained in digital viewings to appeal to a wider audience.


Whilst your target market may not all be big cars and even bigger money, TikTok may still help your business to grow significantly. So, why give up the opportunity to reach potentially millions of new clients in under a minute?  The pandemic has forced us into a more digital way of working anyway, with online valuations and house tours, so why not test those new skills?


It is free to make an account and TikTok allows the option to upload videos that are either 15 seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes long. They even have a ‘TikTok for Business’ option, allowing business users easy access to a range of analytics and data, making it super easy to see how things are going. As well as uploading free organic content, you are also able to use the inbuilt Ads Manager to run a range of adverts through the platform (working in a somewhat similar format to Facebook.)


Just a quick rundown of the type of adverts you can use:

- In Feed Video Ads: A video integrated in users ‘For You Page’ appearing as they scroll through new content. With a similar appearance to a standard Tiktok, these fit seamlessly into the user journey and allow the opportunity for a clickable link.


- Branded Hashtags: Allows a brand to ask users to upload a TikTok with a specific hashtag associated with that brand. 

For example, asking buyers to tag your agency in any TikTok posts with the hashtag #Valpalagents. Buyers may then post popular property related content for example, home renovation videos and this will be associated with your brands hashtag. This way, you don’t even have to make the content!


There are more types of adverts available on the platform, but these are likely the most appropriate for the property market. 


So, what does it take?


- Shoot a video with the frame portrait.


- Make sure your video is under three minutes. (Shorter content tends to have better engagement so consider mixing up the length of your videos.)




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