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Revealed – how can agents effectively market their property videos?

Revealed – how can agents effectively market their property videos?

Video marketing has become one of the most viable methods for advertising property, with 73% of sellers saying they are more likely to list with an agent who uses video.

Further data suggests that property listings with video attract 60% more qualified leads and 20% more clicks than other forms of marketing.

For these reasons alone, incorporating video into your marketing efforts is the best course of action to reach your target clients and generate more leads to your website.

And once you’ve produced top-quality videos to accompany your listings, knowing the most effective marketing channels could help you rouse more interest and set your agency above the rest.

Below, we explore exactly which ones these are.

YouTube and TikTok

As the second-largest search engine with around 3 billion searches a month, YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms for agents to market their videos.

This goes beyond just uploading a stream of videos and waiting for views. Instead, assess the potential of your market by using keyword research and determining what videos will garner the most interest and, in turn, increase website traffic.

Separately, TikTok, while much newer and seen as more experimental, is fast becoming the go-to for businesses to connect with more tech-savvy clients. So long as you can identify the content niche and maintain your brand voice, this platform could do wonders for marketing. It could also be the best platform to reach a younger audience.

Facebook and Instagram

While YouTube ranks top for video content, a high number of people still watch videos on Facebook and Instagram. Fortunately, the uploading process is simple and utilising hashtags is painless.

Even more handy are Facebook ads, which allow you to target your campaigns to very precise audiences. When posting video ads, ensure they comply with the settings in your Facebook ad manager tool.

But you’ll want to carefully monitor the analytics page, too. Facebook analytics gives agents a chance to view just how well their videos are doing by providing valuable information on viewing duration, audience retention, engagement and the number of people reached.

Meanwhile, Instagram insights allows agents to see individual post impressions and click-throughs to your profile, as well as follower information and demographics.

Email marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing is still worth its weight in gold. Unlike the other methods, email is a terrific way to market your business and the properties on your books because it is sent directly to people.

What’s more, existing and prospective clients on your email list would have likely opted to receive an email at some point, making it a warm audience that is ready to hear from you.   

The good news is there are tools that allow you to embed video directly into email campaigns, but it can be just as effective to simply tease the video in the email and push users to your website. Those who are interested will click through.

As an agent, it’s wise to be on the edge of today’s trends, and the constant expansion of video makes for endless opportunities for you and your clients.

But you’ll need to ensure that video has a prominent spot in your content marketing strategy. This will allow you to capitalise on the benefits of social networks, YouTube and general interest in video.

For information on how we can help to grow your business online and generate leads effectively through social media, you can check out our social media marketing service.