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New 'Before You Go' sliders can help you to collect more prospect information

New 'Before You Go' sliders can help you to collect more prospect information

Our members can now benefit from another free tool to help gather as much customer information as possible from consumers using your instant online valuation tools.

'Before You Go' sliders provide you with an additional touchpoint to help you maintain your database and generate more leads.

How do 'Before You Go' sliders work?

This latest tool, designed specifically for our members, encourages prospective sellers and landlords to fill in their contact details before leaving the valuation page.

As part of The ValPal Network’s two-page valuation process, the ‘Before You Go’ sliders aim to capture the details of consumers who attempt to close a valuation page before completing it.

If the prospect tries to close the valuation page before filling out their information, an 'In a hurry?' tab appears, encouraging them to fill in their details to be contacted later.

Of course, some people are going to bounce from the online valuation process, whether they get distracted or don’t want to part with their personal details at that stage. This solution reduces the bounce rate, while our extremely popular incomplete valuation leads allow you to make the most out of every opportunity.

Complementing incomplete valuation data

Although a separate product, the 'Before You Go' sliders perfectly complement our incomplete valuation leads initiative, which we launched in autumn 2019.

These additional leads are generated by consumers who fill in the first page of the online valuation but abandon the process before completing page two.

You’re then provided with the prospect's address – which they would have filled out on the first page - providing you with several prospecting opportunities to target the consumer.

The ‘Before You Go’ sliders are the first step, encouraging consumers who try to leave the process to fill in their details before leaving.

However, if we can't capture the contact details, we still have their address which we can pass on as an incomplete lead for you to target by cross-referencing and canvassing.

Capitalising on a healthy market

As you know, the property market has certainly bounced in recent weeks and that’s why you should be looking to capitalise on fresh opportunities.

The latest update from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recorded the best sales sentiment since May last year and almost double that recorded in November.

Meanwhile, a range of price indices - including those from Halifax and HM Land Registry - have reported significant house price rises in recent weeks and months.

This year, we’ve seen the traditional new year surge bolstered by last month’s election result combined with the increased certainty over the outcome of Brexit.

That's why now is the perfect time to boost your marketing activity in order to reap the benefits of renewed market confidence.

More prospective sellers and landlords will be browsing agents' websites and looking for instant online valuations over the next few weeks. Therefore, using all the additional tools we provide can help our members to maintain and build a healthy database while also generating more hot leads.

On top of this, having an effective social media strategy in place, utilising portal leads and nurturing prospects can help agencies to blow 2019 out the water with a strong start to the new decade.

You can find out more about the ‘Before You Go’ sliders here or contact a member of our team today for information on any of our full range of services.