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Instant online valuation tools – how to maximise marketing and track results

Instant online valuation tools – how to maximise marketing and track results

As part of our plans to provide you with the best possible service, we have developed a host of additional services, including free training and support, live chat and a range of other marketing services. All of these combined can help you to achieve outstanding results from your membership of The ValPal Network.


Our background as one of the property industry’s best-known digital marketing hubs (Angels Media) means our team are well placed to help you get the most out of your valuation tool and maximise your marketing budget.


As you know, your instant online valuation tool is great for converting traffic and generating vendor and landlord leads, but there’s always more you can do to turn it into the most cost-effective marketing tool you’ve ever had.


Incorporate instant valuations into all marketing


If you’re not doing so already, you need to make your instant online valuation tool the main focus of both your digital and print marketing campaigns. This means incorporating messaging which invites consumers to carry out an instant online valuation on your website in all marketing material.


By doing this, you’re maximising the chances of capturing the details of prospective vendors and landlords who view your leaflets, touting letters or online adverts.


Offering prospective clients something (a free and instant online valuation) will allow your advertising to stand apart from your competitors and is likely to lead to a much higher conversion rate. You will be able to increase your website traffic and generate more leads for your sales team to follow up on.


It is a simple change to your marketing messaging which could have a hugely positive impact on the results of your campaigns.


Social media and content marketing are key to success


It’s also beneficial to incorporate your instant online valuation tool in your social media posts and content marketing. As well as using engaging posts with slick images and text to promote your valuation tool, you can use social media platforms (particularly Facebook) to start conversations with prospective clients.


Interestingly, Facebook can also predict consumer buying habits four to six months in advance and you can use this information to target your marketing and generate more leads.


When it comes to content, it’s crucial that you sign off each blog or article with a call to action such as inviting consumers to request a free and instant online valuation.


The content itself needs to be professionally written, engaging and educational. At a time when the property market is changing rapidly and there are events such as Brexit for consumers to contend with, cleverly crafted content can be hugely valuable to your brand. It can help to position you as an industry authority and invite consumers (potential clients) to interact with you and ask questions. 


If you’re not fully confident in maximising your social media and content output, it could be worth your while to speak to a digital marketing agency like Angels Media for advice, or even outsource some of these activities.


PPC and Facebook ads will generate business


There is a growing number of estate and letting agents using Google PPC Adword campaigns with impressive results - and it’s not hard to see why.


By promoting your website (and importantly your instant online valuation tool) via a Google ad, you can attract people to your website who are looking for agents in your area, and may even be looking for you specifically. This is a great way to engage with active prospects who are ready to instruct and, if executed properly, can be hugely cost-effective.


The majority of agents using Google PPC Adword campaigns will need someone to manage the process for them as it can be time-consuming and requires specific expertise. Make sure you only use trusted companies that come highly recommended and have carved out a solid reputation in the agency sector. 


Facebook retargeting and remarketing are two other hugely effective ways of boosting your online marketing and generating more leads.


Retargeting uses cookies to focus on presenting ads to consumers who have visited your site but may not have engaged with you. Meanwhile, remarketing uses Facebook’s tracking pixel to identify past visitors and target them with specific Facebook ads based on their behaviour.


As with PPC campaigns, when carrying out Facebook retargeting and remarketing it can be rewarding to work with a supplier who is experienced in this type of marketing and has worked with agents in the past.


Helping you thrive with account management and marketing consultancy


Alongside incorporating all these marketing tips and tricks, you can also maximise your instant online valuation tool through effective account management and support. Account managers dedicated to your business can help to make sure you are using your valuation tool to its full capacity and marketing it effectively.


They can also work with you to uncover the pain points in your business and point you in the direction of solutions. For example, if you’re having problems with compliance, they could explain to you the benefits of Compliance in a Box. Or if floor plans are a stumbling block, they could do the same with Metropix. All of this extra support helps with the smooth running of your business, allowing you more time to focus on increasing revenue and keeping clients happy.


These days agents are expected to be many things, including marketing experts and digital gurus. Your prime expertise is likely to lie in the fields of client management, property marketing and negotiation and so it doesn’t hurt to ask for advice from the experts when it comes to marketing. Digital agencies can help you to run cutting-edge campaigns which you don’t have the time to devise or implement.  


As you can see, there is so much you can do with your valuation tool to make it as effective as possible and we hope that our partnership with The ValPal Network will help you to do just that!


If you require any assistance or guidance on any of the marketing elements outlined above, please contact The ValPal Network and they will be able to help you or refer you to a trusted industry partner.

Email team@valpal.co.uk or call us on 0208 663 4930