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Coronavirus Tips for Estate Agents

Coronavirus Tips for Estate Agents

Here at The ValPal Network, we support agents standing together to protect the future of their businesses during a difficult period. As well as negotiating discounts and payment holidays with high-ticket suppliers such as the portals, it’s also important for agents to work on maintaining other parts of their business.


Keeping costs down is key, but you also need to keep filling your sales funnel with new business opportunities. One solution at the moment (of course we’d say this, but it’s true) is to promote instant online valuations prominently in your marketing while we’re being advised to avoid human contact.


Encouraging consumers to carry out instant online valuations can help agents to keep generating new business. An instant online valuation provides agents with the means to capture the details of prospects while they are self-isolating and following social distancing procedures.


Providing an online valuation can keep consumers interested in the moving process and engaged with an agent's brand. It also allows the agent to nurture these leads until such times as they are ready to continue with their transaction.


You can then proceed by offering online, video and phone alternatives to traditional market

appraisals to put clients' minds at ease, while offering the required level of protection for consumers and agency staff.


People who are staunchly committed to getting their transactions done are still active in the market and agents need to strive to provide these clients with the best possible service.


We know from experience that during difficult times, it's the agents that work the hardest and commit to marketing their brand effectively that thrive and come out stronger the other side.


If you have any questions about instant online valuations or digital marketing, please get in touch with us on: https://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/