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Converting and Nurturing ValPal Leads

Converting and Nurturing ValPal Leads

by Steph Rady, Head of Marketing and PR

I’m going to let you in on a little secret we’ve learned from over 5 years of providing online valuations. Currently, it takes approximately 4-5 months for the average consumer to instruct an agent after receiving an online valuation.

This insight is SO important as it shows the average time it takes a consumer to make the decision to sell their house. Meaning you, the agent can apply this knowledge to your own processes for dealing with ValPal leads to ensure you’re getting the most out of every single opportunity.

We spoke to some of our members and found that generally leads are followed up with for around 4 weeks before they’re binned. Some of our members already have nurture systems in place, regular emails and calls to check in with the consumer. It is rare that an agent will continue to follow up with a consumer 4 months after the initial valuation, but according to our insights, that is the minimum length of time you need to be following up with leads for!

After further research, we found that many of our members do not have a sufficient nurture programme in place for ValPal leads, so we’re developing 2 new products called MovePal and PortalPal to help our members get the most out of every ValPal lead.

MovePal and PortalPal will automatically nurture ValPal leads and portal leads via email for 4-5 months to keep your brand in front of the consumer and drive them back to an online home moving hub, where they will have access to a raft of special offers on home moving services (earning you extra revenue without having to lift a finger), a cost of moving calculator, a chance to instruct the agent or book an MA and get an updated online valuation.

Until then, we highly recommend reviewing your current lead processes and using our insights to improve your conversion rate.

If you like the sound of MovePal and PortalPal and would like to trial them for free when they launch, email support@valpal.co.uk to claim your space.

If you would like to learn more about the best way of converting ValPal leads into MAs, join our new webinar.