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Angels Media and Facebook expert Paul Long announce major new tie-up to supercharge lead generation

Angels Media and Facebook expert Paul Long announce major new tie-up to supercharge lead generation

Angels Media and Paul Long have announced an exciting new partnership to ‘supercharge’ their social media lead generation service to agents. 

SocialPal is a unique collaboration between Facebook advertising expert, Paul and Angels Media Head of Marketing, PR and Social Media, Steph Rady.  

Working together to combine knowledge, tools and experience, they believe they will dramatically improve existing services.  

Paul - affectionately known as ‘The Facebook Expert’ - currently has between 200 and 300 agents each year subscribing to a selection of different services including one-to-one and group training, managed services, boot camps and consultancy.  

The Angels Media social media team, headed up by Steph, has fully managed hundreds of agents’ social media campaigns - including Facebook adverts - delivering a first-class service and hundreds of thousands of leads.  

Now the two have combined to offer agents the ultimate social media lead generation service. 

In today’s market, demand for such a service is high, with more agents finding social media and digital lead generation complicated, ever-changing and time-consuming.  

Outsourcing this service to professionals is a logical solution, allowing agents to get on with daily tasks in the knowledge that new leads are consistently filling the top of their sales funnel.  

Paul Long will be fully involved in SocialPal to ensure the service provided exceeds expectations. He will be reaching out to his current clients who will be the first to benefit from this new partnership. 

“Working together will allow us to help more agents,” Long commented. “We can now roll out services and techniques that are already generating great results. 

“Using our combined knowledge, data and experience can only benefit everyone, especially in a digital/social media space that is changing on a daily basis and making it very challenging for estate agents to keep up with and incorporate into their businesses.” 

Rady said: “We are absolutely delighted to partner with Paul Long. He is Facebook ads supremo and together we will improve and enhance the social media lead generation service to agents. 

“There are so many opportunities for agents when it comes to social media, and particularly Facebook ads. This partnership will enable us to supercharge them.” 

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