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The Agent Valuation Reporter

            ValPal is the only AVM that integrates estate agents’ feedback on
            house prices into the algorithm used to generate our valuations.

            Despite the ValPal algorithm pulling in over 43 million bits of data
            from a multitude of sources, you’re always going to get the odd
            anomaly. This feature which can be found on every lead email, allows
            an agent to flag up anomalies to The ValPal Network, suggesting what
            the property valuation should be and why.

            The new information is then weighted and, if accepted, it will be fed
            back into the algorithm, influencing the property valuation of the
            anomaly and similar properties in the area.

                                                           The Quick Agent

                                                           Valuation Tool

                                                           Being an estate agent has to be one of the busiest
                                                           professions. Running from viewing to valuation can
                                                           sometimes leave an agent unable to prepare.

                                                           In the dashboard of the ValPal tool, is a feature which
                                                           provides a quick online property valuation for agents on
                                                           the move. If the consumer had previously used an AVM
                                                           to value their property, the agent might be going to the
                                                           valuation blind, but with this feature, they are free to
                                                           check on the move.

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