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The Live Chat Lead Capture Facility

            Converting website traffic into leads is all-       to buyers, as we know over a third of buyers are
            important to estate and letting agents. After all,   also looking to sell.
            you have paid for this traffic through marketing,
            so why not capture as many visitors’ details as     This targeted approach will improve your chances
            possible? As well as offering free instant online   of increasing the conversion rate of enquiries and
            valuations to prospects, you can now engage         generating high quality leads. The script behind
            with these potential clients via live chat.         ChatPal is written solely to capture contact details,
                                                                while being manned 24/7 to ensure you never miss
            Unique to The ValPal Network, ChatPal specifically   an opportunity to generate leads.
            targets vendors and landlords by asking “Are you
            thinking of selling or letting your property” to deter   Available with no contract on a cost per lead
            tenants from using the facility. ChatPal will still talk   basis, contact us today to get started.

            The AI Vendor and Landlord Lead Generator

            Off the back of the extremely successful ChatPal,   This is advanced technology that delivers high
            we have developed an automated chatbot using        quality leads on a cost per lead basis – you can
            Artificial Intelligence developed by the genius     even add it to your company Facebook page!
            tech team at Angels Media. Our chatbot targets
            vendors, landlords and buyers using predesigned     Contact us today to find out more!
            scripts to cover any given scenario and converts
            vendor and landlord traffic into leads for the agent
            to follow up with.

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