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About The Network

            The ValPal Network now represents more than 800 agency brands with over
            4,000 offices. We provide the market’s leading instant online valuation tool
            which helps agents to convert their website traffic into leads and enquiries.

            What’s included in your membership:

                          ValPal                                                 Before You Go

                          The Instant Online Valuation Tool                      Sliders
                          page 4                                                 page 8

                          The Online MA                                          MovePal
                          Booking Calendar                                       The Automated Revenue
                          page 6                                                 and Nurture System
                                                                                 page 10

                          The Agent                                              PortalPal
                          Valuation Reporter                                     The Time Saving Lead Qualifier
                          page 7                                                 page 12

                          The Quick Agent                                        The Out of Area Lead
                          Valuation Tool                                         Sharing Programme
                          page 7                                                 page 13

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