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Ongoing training & support

          As a member of The ValPal Network, you’re also entitled to join
          free weekly training webinars and receive ongoing marketing
          consultancy from our experts at no extra cost. Whether you
          need help with on-boarding, managing leads or setting up
          sub-domains, our team will be on hand to help you breeze
          through the process as efficiently as possible.

          All of these features are designed to help you get the most out
          of your marketing spend, generate more leads and take on more
          instructions. If you consider all of the valuable extras available to
          members of The ValPal Network for free, it is certainly the most
          cost-effective option on the market.

                                                                 Before-you-go Sliders

                                                                 While driving traffic to your ValPal tool is a great way
                                                                 of converting leads, some consumers are going to
                                                                 bounce off of the page before they fill out the tool.
                                                                 To combat this, we’ve designed a slider which appears
                                                                 when a consumer attempts to close the tab or come
                                                                 away from the page, prompting them to fill in their
                                                                 details before they leave.

                                                                 This will ultimately improve the rate at which your
                                                                 traffic is converting and is available on a more bespoke
                                                                 basis for the rest of your website. Try asking people to
                                                                 sign up to your newsletter before they go or download
                                                                 a free seller’s guide. This way you can capture their
                                                                 details for when they are ready to sell or let.

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