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How the valuation tool works with your site:

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        The valuation tool is placed on an   The user fills in the property details   When the valuation is generated
        agent’s website with a button on   along with a contact form to receive   those details get captured and fired
         the homepage pointing visitors        the valuation to their inbox.       over to the agent as a new lead.
         in the direction of a Free Instant
               Online Valuation.

         4                                                         Members of The ValPal Network get access to their

                                                                   own user area where they can manage leads that
                                                                   have been captured and decide where those leads
                                                                   are sent, to based on which locations they cover.

                                                                   You can also use this online portal to set up the
                                                                   tool and customize the look and feel by choosing
                                                                   from a variety of different styles and templates,
                                                                   ensuring the valuation tool blends seemlessly with
                                                                   your existing brand.

                                                                   To get a first-hand look at how it works,
                                                                   you can go to and
                                                                   take the test drive right now!

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