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Meet The Team

Cimani Jones

Cimani Jones

Account Manager

Cimani joined the account management department in January 2019. She has previous experience in a number of roles, including as a receptionist, a general assistant in retail, a waitress, a camera and sound assistant, a nursery assistant and as a member of the election count staff at all recent polls.

A graduate of Bournemouth University, where she studied Media Production, she enjoys going to the cinema in her spare time to catch up with all the latest films, as well as travelling to a range of different countries (particularly ones where she can spend time by the sea). Her dream destination, if money was no object, would be sunny Barbados.

As well as travelling and films, she also enjoys fashion, makeup and eating out at restaurants (with seafood a particular favourite). Halloumi, though, is not at all welcome on Cimani’s menu, and she’s firmly in the hate it camp when it comes to Marmite!

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